About Myself

In the plethora of ideas, I love the hard part, the execution. An engineer by education and programmer by profession, my expertise lies in building prodcuts from ground up, that is from the phase of planning to design to build to deploy and support

Having lead the developer teams at corporations like Dell to funded startups, my 14 years of journey has been nothing less than exciting.


Projects Value


Total Projects



Project Management 95%

Application Development 90%

Software Architecture Design 80%

SOA 85%

Technology Evangalism 80%

Key Areas

With over a decade and a half in diverse roles in the technology sector, here are my key areas of specialization backed by extensive experience


Designing a business model for value creation or the archtiecture of an application. Helping calculate returns and takeaways prior to investing time and money in the product or the idea.


A product is a lot more than thousands of lines of code. Having built scalable applications for financial instituitions to governments to startups, I have been at all the sides of the table.


Decision making is critical and good decisions are always backed by data. Be it knowing your customer acquisition cost or to determining the product market fit